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Some of the hackers' targets detailed in Underground

Australian National University Altos Computer Systems, Hamburg Australian Vice Chancellors Committe Bell Laboritories University of California at Berkeley Brookhaven National Labority Boston University Bureau of Meteorology Caltech Citibank CSIRO Dartmouth College DeteMobil Digital Equiment Corp. Defense Information Systems Agency Department of Energy Naval Research Laboritories Deutsche Telekom University of Edinburgh Financial Times FTSE 100 Goddard Space Flight Centre Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Harvard University Jet Propulsion Laboritory University of Lancaster Lockheed-Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems Los Alimos National Laboritory University of Leeds Laurence Livermore National Laboritory Lloyds MCI/Tymnet University of Melbourne Motorola NASAlogo.gif NATO Department of Defence Network Information Centre Siemens-Nixdorf Northern Telecom (NorTel) Oracle Oxford University Panasonic The Pentagon Princeton University Purdue University Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology SAIC Eugene Spafford Sprint Communications Stanford Research Institute Cliff Stoll Telstra TRW Unisys University of Texas The White House Xerox Yale University